K.C. Mehta Consulting (KCMC) has expertise in a wide range of Industries. We have a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises, as we help them leverage on the growth story of India.

Automotive industry

  • The automotive industry of India differs from other countries because of its strong growth especially fueled by rural public in the recent past and also because of the variety of vehicles sold in the market.
  • Private and Public cars, Trucks and buses, two-wheelers and three-wheelers, tractors all have a specific market of their own.
  • According to a report, the domestic volume sales of vehicles is expected to grow at around 12% CAGR from the period 2012-2015.
  • We believe there are two fronts, which will define the automobile industry of India in future. One is the presence of most of the leading global automobile manufacturers in India, who owing to the efficient investment climate and cheap labor available in the country are planning to make India a global hub for exporting vehicles, especially passenger and commercial vehicles. This gives an immense opportunity to auto components manufacturers and also the exporters to tap the market and increase their growth on a long-term basis.
  • Second, is the innovation capability, which will play a huge role in sustaining sales. The factors of environmental pollution and depletion of oil-based resources has forced the industry to manufacture hybrid and energy efficient vehicle. So, in the face of all these complexities, firms will need to gear up and challenge the traditional methods.

Chemical industry

  • Chemical companies in the world are now merging their business processes, including their supply chain to reduce risks and to create substantial competitive advantage.
  • It is estimated that the size of the Indian chemical industry is around $ 30 billion. Studies show that chemical industry plays a huge role in the manufacturing sector of India and has consistently shown good results over a period of time.
  • But, to be able to compete internationally, there are some challenges, which have to be met and innovatively dealt with. Chemical companies in India especially small-scale companies should focus more on brand development.
  • We at KCMC believe that building a brand will open up more export and market development avenues. Collaboration and consolidation will also have a huge say in the international chemical be it in any of the form like Cluster sharing, Knowledge sharing, Technology sharing etc.
  • Chemical industry has often been criticized for harming the environment, but there are some novel, modern techniques, which can help firms in less exploitation of natural resources and more, importantly not get penalties for environmental damage.

I.T industry

  • When it comes to medium and small-scale industries, information technology is the most important area, which should be updated to the latest trends.
  • Optimization of I.T. not only saves time and cost but can be a hub of efficient operations and creative thinking. There are many mechanical tasks being done in small-scale firms which if done from a technological medium can free up the labor, along with giving more efficient and rapid results.
  • There is a shift happening in the Indian I.T. industry with the traditional outsourcing models being replaced by reputed global I.T. firms setting up their shops in India. In order to survive this transition the local firms will have to innovate and find other key areas, which can deliver results in the software value chain.
  • Other key areas emerging are consulting, product development, R&D, mobile services, cloud computing and end–to-end turnkey solutions.
  • We at KCMC offer in-depth solutions and strategies which can help the developing, read highly capable, modern professional firms to effectively tap the new services market be it on the basis of SAP optimization, Network infrastructure solutions, System efficiency and other key I.T. based services.

Professional Services industry

  • This industry consists of firms engaged in providing accounting, advertising and marketing, architectural, engineering, legal, banking, hotels and restaurants and other professional services.
  • Within the Indian context, there is a structural change taking place with agro and industrial sectors giving way to the services sector in the annual GDP.
  • KCMC helps new and budding professional services firms in recognizing and achieving growth potential through efficient and prudent use of technology, optimizing the value chain through process re-organization or effective service delivery and strategic direction.
  • Rural and semi-urban India is going to be a major consumer of professional services in the near future; we understand this and have developed various strategies and methodologies towards realizing the full potential of the rural class of India.
  • Corporate outsourcing is another major trend developing in the services sector. The Indian small-scale firms can take advantage of this development and create a niche market for themselves, specially catering to big corporates.

Pharmaceuticals industry

  • This industry has shown tremendous growth in the Indian market in the recent past and there are growth drivers in place to expand this trend.
  • Restructuring options with foreign innovator companies, domestic large companies or within the company are on a rise with Indian Pharmaceutical firms, KCMC understands the reasons for this alliances and consolidation and have strategies and solutions in place to derive value out of such an arrangement for our clients.
  • Human resource optimization and restructuring of supply chains are some of the major areas, which require innovation and modification in the Pharma industry especially for the small and medium scale players.
  • Gujarat is witnessing a major concentration of pharmaceutical firms and parks due to favorable economic conditions and facilities and subsidies put in place by the Gujarat government. So, we are also developing strategies into compliances and subsidy realization routes for pharmaceutical firms willing to invest and set up operations in Gujarat.
  • There are many front- end and back- end, I.T. solutions, which can be, implemented in a hospital or private clinic for purposes like Administrative services, patient registration and care, doctor availability etc.


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