I.T. and Business strategy: Businesses exist and operate to earn long-term profits and growth.

  • The foundation: Any strategy charting comes from within the organization. Understanding your business strengths, competitive advantages, capabilities, weaknesses for the present as well as future scenario is an absolute necessity or rather the initiation point for any good business strategy. We partner our clients right from this stage through techniques like SWOT analysis, business rules analysis, benchmarking etc.
  • The environment: A business has to analyze its surroundings and take into account the various changes that are taking place with relation to industry, government regulations, competitors, consumer preferences and other stakeholders in the working field of the business.
  • The layout: Based on the internal workings of the firm and external environment, strategies are chalked out which visualize a future position of the company in terms of innovative and fresh business models, different competitive advantages, change in the value and growth drivers, new opportunities etc.
  • The value of I.T. can never be undermined, especially in this technological era. There are specialized plans, which strategize the optimal plan for efficient and effective use of I.T. as a business tool as well as a problem-solving tool. Strategies on network solutions, technological feasibility, automation of processes, I.T. integration and other I.T. related activities are continually devised by our experts at "KCMC".

Strategic planning and facilitation

A business without direction is like a body without soul. This function enables the business to channelize its activities towards a common goal. The function at its very basic consists of creating vision and mission statements, charting a direction for the future by creating organizational goals and also proposing a methodology to pursue them. There are some key drivers and areas of excellence, which play a huge role in defining the goals of the firm. "KCMC" will partner with the clients right from the foundational period to find the key points and work on them.

Performance planning and Budgeting

Performance of a unit of organization can be gauged both on a qualitative and quantitative basis. Key decisions need to be made with regards to the input and resources that go into a performance of a unit. A plan needs to be put into place to decide the optimal mix of funds and resources that can give the desired outcome in terms of performance which can be measured. This function can serve as a controlling tool as well as a motivational tool for aligning employees commitment and goals to the organizational goals. "KCMC" uses customized methods and techniques, which can be molded into the system of the organization to achieve optimum and efficient results.

Corporate Training

We believe Corporate Training is not only limited to improvement of skills and performance of the employees but focus should also be on motivation and attitude factors. With so many software changes and modifications happening, it is very time consuming for a company to keep abreast of these changes. KCMC provides training on general as well as specialized software and other I.T. related training. Leadership training according to us is more about the training of personality attributes along with formal courses and workshops. Organizational position based trainings in line with company ethos and requirements can be an ideal launchpad for a future leader.

Lean Manufacturing

With resources dwindling and becoming more costly day-by-day, it has become imperative for firms to adopt stringent measures to get the most out of them. Value creation at every step of production and in every activity of the organization should be the goal. Our experts have outlined certain methodologies and techniques like "RESOLUTE", with a goal of minimum wastage in production process ultimately resulting in optimum use of each and every resource in a company.

Change Management

Change in an organization can be due to a variety of factors, both internal as well as external. We at "KCMC" believe that a total or partial overhaul in processes, systems, organization structure, job roles etc. should happen in a manner, which does not change the image of the company in the eyes of the customers. Some of the techniques we use during change management are individual change model, coaching, training and resistance management.

I.T. Optimization

In this era of maximizing your desired needs and cutting out undesired wants in respect to I.T., this function plays an important role as finding the optimum balance of I.T. requirement is indeed a tough job. We at "KCMC" spot and act efficiently on the value drivers like delivery process optimization, optimized sourcing model, business process optimization, application consolidation and many more.


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